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App Review: Eggbun Chinese

I have been playing around with Eggbun Korean for a little while, and noticed they recently released a Chinese version of their app. Overall, I love the concept of Eggbun and it’s a fun new way to go about teaching… Continue Reading →

Creating Your Language Habit Environment

Below is a reflection about this post related to setting up a habit environment. If you haven’t read through it yet I recommend giving it a read. Leo makes some very good points about how to go about setting up a habit… Continue Reading →

Background Audio – News Shows

While I’m not really one to watch the news, having streaming news channels going in the background is a great way to keep immersion going during the day—and adds a bit more vocabulary variety to your daily immersion. Plus, it… Continue Reading →

Getting Around With Google Trips

Google released a new app today, called Google Trips for both iOS and Android, which promises to help plan trips giving useful information and interesting spots to visit, including museums, restaurants and more. I checked out the app today and… Continue Reading →

After language classes end

Between starting my degree program and finishing up my studies at the Mandarin Training Center, I had about two years of non-class time to try and get myself ready for a degree program. This was probably one of the hardest transitions… Continue Reading →

A “skewer” of songs

I came across this the other day while looking for a collection of Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅 [Chén Yìxùn]) Mandarin songs: 陳奕迅Eason國語熱門串燒精選 I thought using 串燒 was such a fun way to refer to a selected compilation of his Mandarin songs. Here’s how it… Continue Reading →

Sudoideas: Dramas and Background Audio

Welcome to the first post in the series on background audio and finding things to watch and listen to in the background. This post is an extension on one back from 2011, where I introduced the site Sugoideas. Thankfully this… Continue Reading →

Getting Around: MRT Exit Gives you the closest MRT exit to your destination

I came across MRT Exit just the other day, which promises to help find the best route from an MRT exit to your destination. As the MRT systems in Taipei and Kaohsiung keep expanding and are getting busier, it’s kind… Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Apps: Translator

I’ve been playing around with Windows 10 a bit more recently, especially as the anniversary update has come out and there’s a new ‘Dark’ theme (if the screenshots don’t make it too apparent I kind of love the theme). As… Continue Reading →

Vocab Friday: Coffee

咖啡 (kāfēi) coffee Measure word: 杯 (bēi) 如:一杯咖啡 咖啡豆 (kāfēidòu) coffee beans 黑咖啡 (hēikāfēi) black coffee 美式咖啡 (Měishì kāfēi) Americano (literally ‘American style coffee’) 拿鐵 [拿铁] (nátiě) latte 卡布奇諾 [卡布奇诺] (kǎbùqínuò) cappuccino 摩卡 (mókǎ) mocha 濃縮咖啡 [浓缩咖啡] (nóngsuō kāfēi) espresso 咖啡機 [咖啡机]… Continue Reading →

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